Project Description


Name: Nicole McCarthy

Current Position and Address:  

PhD student in Prof Simone Fulda’s lab at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany.


Contact Email:

Summary of education:

2006 – 2012: I completed my secondary education in Castletroy College in Limerick, Ireland.

2012 – 2016: I obtained my BSc in Biomedical science at the National University of Ireland, Galway

Why are you doing a PhD:

I have always had a keen interest in human health and disease. At second level, my academic strengths lay in biology and chemistry which motivated me to pursue my love of science at third level. I chose Biomedical science in the hope of pursuing a career in research. The nature of my undergraduate course was highly research oriented which allowed me to develop a wide range of skills that would be necessary to obtain a PhD position. During my final year project spent in Prof Afshin Samali’s lab I developed an interest in cell death and survival and how deregulation of these processes impacts on diseases such as cancer. I thoroughly enjoyed my academic studies but now I am ready to carry out more challenging work. Overall, I aim to become a well known and well respected researcher and carrying out a PhD will be the first step towards this goal

What are your interests outside the lab?

Outside of the lab I enjoy spending my time with friends and family. When I am not socialising I like stay active with activities such as running, cycling and Pilates. One of my biggest interests is travelling, I love being able to experience other cultures, taste new foods and meet people from all over the world.