Project Description

Name: Josip Skoko

Contact Email:

Current Position and Address: PhD candidate in Dr. Markus Rehm’s group at the Institute of Cell Biology and Immunology, University of Stuttgart, Germany.


Summary of education:

⦁    2015-2016: Visiting scientist at Physiology and Medical Physics Department, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
⦁    2015: Traineeship at Molecular Signaling group, Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
⦁    2012 – 2015: Master studies: Experimental biology – Physiology and Immunobiology, Faculty of Science, Zagreb, Croatia
⦁    2008 – 2012: Bachelor studies: Biology, Faculty of Science, Zagreb, Croatia


Why are you doing a PhD:

I was always fascinated by biological complexity and diversity so it was a natural decision for me to choose the scientific direction in my education. During my studies I have discovered that my highest interest lies in the field of cancer research.

Doing a PhD is a great starting point to pursue research career and to contribute to cancer research. It is a challenging adventure which offers an opportunity to continue education and actively do science.


What are your interests outside the lab?

I like to closely follow the topics of technology and informatics so I guess you could describe me as a tech geek. I also enjoy doing bodyweight workouts.

All of those I do while listening to fine tunes of rock, metal and electro music. I love coffee and immersive TV shows.