Project Description

Name: Franziska Püschel

Contact Email:

Current Position and Address:  PhD student in Dr. Cristina Muñoz-Pinedo’s lab at the Bellvitge Biomedical Research institute(IDIBELL),Barcelona.


Summary of education:

22/01/2016 Master of Science in Life Science at the University of Konstanz, Germany.

02/2015-03/2015 Internship at AID Autoimmune Diagnostic GmbH in Sigmaringen, Germany.

08/2013-02/2014 Exchange semester, Universidad de Valencia, Spain 04/2013 Bachelor of Science in Life Science at the University of Konstanz, Germany.

2003-2009 Klosterschulen unserer lieben Frau (grammar school) in Offenburg, Germany.

Why are you doing a PhD:

I am doing a PhD because I like to use my knowledge gained in my bachelor’s and master’s degree for the investigation of still not completely understood disease and their origin.

The opportunity to be part of the development of new drugs in order to cure is one of the main reasons motivating me to do a PhD. Moreover, this position offers me the possibility to deepen my knowledge, to learn new techniques and  to gain further skills in order to work in a scientific environment and to gain experiences offering me the possibility for the continuation in a research position after my PhD.

What are your interests outside the lab?

Outside the lab I like spending time with my friends by undertaking outdoor and indoor activities. Moreover, I am interested in doing sports like running, playing volleyball or snowboarding in wintertime. Another interest of mine is to read books and to learn more about other cultures. Concerning that, traveling is one of my favourite interest.