Project Description

Name: Brain Leuzzi

Contact email:

Current position and address: PhD student in Prof Afshin Samali’s lab at the National University of Ireland, Galway.


Summary of education:

I was always fascinated by the secrets of nature, dreaming one day to uncover some by becoming a scientist. Throughout my studies in school, I was most interested in the Life Science disciplines. Following my passion for biology, in 2010, I have entered University of Bologna, Italy. I dedicated the last five years at the University of Bologna to obtain a BSc degree in Biological Sciences (2010-2013) followed by a MSc degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology (2013-2015). This academic training gave me a strong theoretical background which is also reflected in the graduation with honours.

Why are you doing a PhD:

Today as ever, I am convinced that it is a lifetime journey that I would like to undertake. My interest in molecular mechanisms of pathological processes lead me to the search of the PhD position in the field of biomedical sciences. I would like to enlarge my knowledge of different branches of molecular biology and to contribute to a fascinating for me field of the mechanisms of unfolded protein response (UPR) and the involvement of those pathways in human pathologies.

What are your interests outside the lab?

The opportunity to visit a new country leads to know a new history, culture and its habits allowing to create new strong relationships inside and outside the lab. I love travel and I am a good photographer and I would like explore this “new world” in my spare time. In addition, I like play football and organize football match with my friends.