Project Description

Name: Antonio Carlesso

Contact email:

Current position and address: PhD student in Prof Leif Eriksson`s lab at the University of Gothenburg, Göteborg.


Summary of education:

The main discipline of my education include pharmaceutical chemistry and technology, pharmacology and toxicology, integrated by solid experience in chemistry, biochemistry and cell biology, in addition to pharmaceutical and medical bio/nanotechnology.

Why are you doing a PhD:

One of my main ambitions is to become a University Professor, share my knowledge and become a respectable researcher involved in several projects, from biological to chemistry fields.

I consider a PhD to be one of the main steps that will enable me to reach this goal.

What are your interests outside the lab?

I like to organize Symposium with my friends, where we talk about different topics. I enjoy attending several courses, currently I am attending an online barman course.
I like sports, especially football and futsal. I like reading and improving my English and in the future other languages, using some language exchange websites (for example half the time in the your native language and half the time in the language that you would like to learn).