Project Description

Name: Alexandra Papaioannou

Contact email:

Current position and address: PhD student in Prof Eric Chevet’s lab (OSS, Inserm) at the University of Rennes 1, France

Summary of education:

MSc in “Molecular Basis of Human Disease” at the University of Crete, Medical School (2013-2015, with a 7-month period at CRUK Manchester Institute)

BSc in “Biology” at the University of Crete, Biology Department (2009-2013)

Why are you doing a PhD:

The PhD will give me the opportunity to work in the field of research and further set the basis for a career in this area. My goal is to, more specifically, gain insight into the cell mechanisms that are deregulated in cancer and contribute to the improvement of today’s therapies.

Through this I will also be able to develop skills like project management and exchange ideas in a team working environment.


What are your interests outside the lab?

I enjoy hanging out with friends, cooking, watching movies, dancing and bicycling.