Project Description

Name: Leif A. Eriksson

Current Position and Address:

Professor of Physical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology
Lundberg Laboratory, University of Gothenburg
405 30 Sweden

Contact Email:

Background Career Information:

BSc in Chemistry, Stockholm University, 1988.
PhD in Quantum Chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden (w. Sten Lunell); 1992.
Postdoc in Theoretical Chemistry at Dalhousie University, Canada (w. Russ Boyd); 1992-93.
Junior lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry at Stockholm University (w. Per Siegbahn); 1993-1998
Lecturer in Applied Quantum Chemistry / Theoretical Biophysical Chemistry, Uppsala University; 1998-2004.
Lecturer/Professor in Theoretical Biophysical Chemistry at Örebro University, Sweden; 2004-2009
Professor in Theoretical Biophysical Chemistry, NUI Galway, Ireland, 2009-2011.

Research Interests:

Computational biochemistry/biophysics, especially catalytic processes of (radical) enzymes, reactive oxygen species, photochemistry and UV-induced damage processes, homology modelling and drug design (anti-tumor drugs, antibiotics and photodynamic compounds). Current focus on different aspects of Cancer, Protein modelling, Drug design and novel classes of Antibiotcs.

Research is based on high level quantum chemistry, density functional theory, molecular dynamics, multiscale modelling, homology modelling, pharmacophores and docking against large databases.