Project Description

Name: Andrey V. Kozlov

Current Position and Address:

A head of the group for Molecular Basis of Organ Failure at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology, Donaueschingen Str 13, 1200 Vienna, Austria.

Contact Email:

Background Career Information:

Andrey V. Kozlov has graduated from Russian State Medical University with the degree of MD & Biophysics, received his PhD in Biology & Biophysics from Academy of Science of USSR (Moscow, USSR) and his habilitation in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Veterinary Medicine (Vienna, Austria). Current teaching activities are at the University of Veterinary Medicine (Biochemical basis of Pharmacology and Toxicology) and Medical University of Vienna (Actual Topics of Mitochondrial Physiology and PhD program Molecular Signal Transduction).

Research Interests:

The general research interest is the understanding of molecular mechanisms causing organ failure in critical care diseases and developing new diagnostic and therapeutic methods. The experimental models include systemic and local inflammatory response, ischemia-reperfusion injury, shock, neurotrauma, and comprise in vivo models, cell/tissue culture models, and isolated subcellular organelles.

The major research areas include: (i) mitochondrial function/dysfunction; (ii) endoplasmic reticulum function/dysfunction; (iii) oxidative stress and iron metabolism; (iv) pharmacology and toxicology of nitric oxide; (v) antioxidant defence systems; (vi) the regulation of gene expression; (vii) biomedical applications of low temperature electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy.