Alexandra was recently in Greece and visited her old elementary school in her village Stropones on Evia island.

The school currently has only 11 children and one teacher while in Alexandra’s  time there were 28 children and two teachers. The children are of different grades so she told them (with the help of a power point presentation) about the place she is working in now (Rennes, France), about the TRAINERS network (wearing her TRAINERS t-shirt ) and about the opportunities she has being part of this network. Alexandra also told the kids about secondments and a little about her secondment experience in Sweden. She used some graphics and animations to show them what a cell is, and how it contains different compartments that all have different jobs that help keep the cell alive and working well and then she explained a little about the research she is doing. In the end, they made a cell model out of candies and sweets telling with different candies representing  different organelles. The thing that surprised them the most was that “we have all these stuff inside us” and we are composed of such complex units, the cells, as well as the opportunities we have to travel a lot and see and experience different countries!

Alexandra enjoyed the visit very much and the kids were very excited as well. Alexandra tried to encourage them by telling them to not feel constrained by the fact that they are come from a small village but to be confident in themselves and not to let anyone telling them that they cannot do what they want to do in their future.