A training course on “Drug discovery-bench to bedside” was held in Frankfurt on 21st and 22nd Sept 2017.

This course, which introduced students to the field drug discovery, was a great success and the Q&A session with the speakers on careers in  drug discovery was definitely one of the highlights.

Corrado Santocanale gave an overview of  the discovery process for small molecule drugs and took students from target ID and validation through assay development, high throughput screening, hit identification, lead optimization and pre-clinical animal testing. This was followed up by a case study on the development of CDC7 inhibitors while John Patterson gave an overview of Mannkinds development of IRE1 inhibitors. Stefan Knapp discussed the importance of structural studies in drug discovery while Maximilian Plack outlined how biophysical analysis is being used in the drug discovery process.   Marie Mellody took students through regulatory processes and the main stages in clinical drug development while the emergence of biologics was addressed Evelyn Ullrich who introduced students to the development of CAR-T cells for treatment of cancer.