ESR Dimitrios Doultsinos and PI Eric Chevet published a comprehensive review of the UPR in health and disease in the journal “SLAS Discovery”.

The UPR contributes to the commencement, maintenance, and exacerbation of a multitude of disease states, making it an attractive global target to tackle conditions sorely in need of novel therapeutic intervention. This review describes the critical functions played by the regulation of ER homeostasis in health and diseases, with particular attention to three examples of pathologies comprising ALS, diabetes, and cancer (glioblastoma).

The accumulation of information of screening tools, readily available therapies, and potential pathways to drug development is the cornerstone of informed clinical research and clinical trial design. With this in mind the review also describes  molecules found to target the three UPR arms and it compiles all the tools available to screen for and develop novel therapeutic agents that modulate the UPR with the scope of future disease intervention.