TRAINERS ESRs, PIs partner organisations and scientific advisory board members came from all over to attend the TRAINERS network meeting in Imperial College London on 23rd April. It was a very successful meeting and it was great to see the huge advances all the ESRs have made, not only in their research projects but also in their presentation, communication and networking skills – so well done to all our ESRs!

The network meeting was followed by a 2-day training workshop for ESRs on Intellectual property and commercialization. This workshop provided an introduction to IP, with a focus on patents and explored some of the key issues researchers are likely to come across in their careers, such as the assessment of potential IP, ownership, patentability and enforcement of IP rights. ESRs also learned about  the commercialization journey from entrepreneurs from initial idea to final product and used case studies and working in teams to develop and pitch a business plan to get a real idea of whats involved in taking research results and methodologies to an end product. Overall ESRs felt it greatly expanded their perspectives and was very beneficial for their future career planning.